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Cosmic Status Update

December 2023

You Can't Know Everything But You Can Try

December 2023

Ears Eaten

June 2020

A kaleidoscopic collection of explorations and oddities

The Drums, Echoing Tonight

March 2020

Plunderphonic adventures into YouTube's darkest valleys and highest peaks

Rainy Glade

January 2020

An intense, ambient meditation in sound


November 2019

A binaural experience blurring dream and reality

Like A Liquid

January 2019

Dreamy synths and strange sounds accompany wistful, surrealistic lyrics on this psychedelic debut album

Racing Heartbeats - Misread

April 2018

A soulful collaboration with San Franciscan singer and composer Misread

Good Cut - Blomo

December 2016

A remix of a chance encounter with hang player Blomo

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