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Listen to Your World


A being has arrived from another planet far across the galaxy. Awestruck by the beauty of Planet Earth, they are saddened to see so many humans existing without really living, completing pointless tasks or eyes glued to a screen.

Through live electronic music, meditation-through-sound, and elements of ecstatic dance, the alien hopes to inspire wonder and presence in a society increasingly disconnected from the natural world.

SOUNDER Postcards


An interactive installation of field recordings from around Brighton and Bern on two maps. Created by SOUNDER

Postcard photo Ehsan.jpeg

© Ehsan Valaei



A multi-channel sound piece on wheels. Created by SOUNDER


© Kersten Glandien

© Kersten Glandien

© Kersten Glandien

© Kersten Glandien

Armageddon Attenborough

2021 - 2022

A lo-fi musical comedy about the end of the world, presented by Bum Note

Moist, Moist, Moist

2019 - 2022

A sloshy spoken word show about love, sex and the sea

Words by Chris White

Music by Hal Kelly

Said And Done


Darkly comic with snippets of original music and dollops of cheesy pop - a snapshot into the lives of two women who are far too close 
Created by Sugarscratch Theatre
Music and sound by Hal Kelly


© Sugarscratch Theatre

© Sugarscratch Theatre

Then Again

2017 - 2018

A dynamic comedy about time travel, internet celebrity and friendship.
Created by Tremolo Theatre
Music by Hal Kelly and Jack Drewry


© Jack Offord


2015 - 2017

A verbatim show about sex
Created by Propolis Theatre
Music by Hal Kelly and Faye Bishop

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